F For print and electronic publications

For printed publications, The Basic and Minimum Tariff is ideal.

We prepare material for printed publications up to the finished layout in print.

Savings of up to 50%.

For electronic publications and placement on the website and/or in a mobile application, an Illustrated or Advanced tariff with many additional features is ideal:
- Recommendation system
- Accurate marks the beginning of the broadcast
- News feed of the premiere screenings
- Photos of actors / Directors / presenters and their biographies
-Movie / TV series / reality show trailers
- Gear ratings
- Statistics on TV viewing.

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Ideally for OTT / IPTV and websites and mobile apps

Extended Metadata Set
Connecting the recommendation system
Sync with social. by networks


Ideally for OTT / IPTV and websites and mobile applications, electronic publications

Basic package metadata set, illustrations for each program in HD quality in three sizes


Ideal for cable and satellite TV, analytics and statistics, TV channels, print media

DVB genre, Studio
Year, Country 
Actors, Directors
Leading, Previews
Announcements on the series


Ideal for small operators and print media

Transfer name
Age rating

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