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We offer TV channels a set of tools to increase awareness, loyalty, TV viewing and rating of the channel, and, as a result, attractiveness for operators and growth of your income. The total subscriber base of our customers is more than 20 million people.
According to statistics, the number of TV channels viewed and ratings of TV channels without EPG and with extended EPG are very different.
For example, without EPG, the viewer views an average of 12-14 channels, with EPG it is about 25-27 channels; the rating of channels with and without EPG may differ by 5 times.

What we offer:
1. Filling the electronic TV guide with the most complete program of your channel. The presence in the electronic TV guide and the presence of the most complete amount of information is an obvious advantage for the channel and distinguishes it from the rest, significantly increases the time of TV viewing and rating of the channel. You just need to systematically send us the current program of your channel for a week with the most detailed information, content, pictures, announcements, videos.

2. Monthly statistics on TV viewing and rating of your channel in cable and satellite, as well as in interactive television.

3. The new project Is a news feed of premiere screenings. It is formed from the description, photos and trailers of the premiere and is a separate file that the operator integrates into its interface with the ability to remind the viewer. Premieres-always the most interesting section for the viewer. This feature makes the channel and its content more attractive and competitive.

4. Rotation of the content of your channel in the system of recommendations on individual preferences of viewers. Show your content at the beginning of the entire list, selected for each individual viewer.

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Ideally for OTT / IPTV and websites and mobile apps

Extended Metadata Set
Connecting the recommendation system
Sync with social. by networks


Ideally for OTT / IPTV and websites and mobile applications, electronic publications

Basic package metadata set, illustrations for each program in HD quality in three sizes


Ideal for cable and satellite TV, analytics and statistics, TV channels, print media

DVB genre, Studio
Year, Country 
Actors, Directors
Leading, Previews
Announcements on the series


Ideal for small operators and print media

Transfer name
Age rating

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