We have developed a recommendation system based on our deep metadata and the largest multimedia content database. The recommendation system can also work with big data, which is useful for a "cold" subscriber.

Peculiar properties:

 Predictive estimate:

 - Accurate prediction, forecast 8.68

 - Binary tag, like/dislike

 - Subjective assessments

 - Explanation of forecast

 Info about the user:

 - Users with similar tastes

 - Consumption statistics

 - Favorite genres/year/countries

 - Distribution of ratings

 - Portrait of the user by taste factors   

 - Best/Worst/Popular

 - Everyone beloved/Ambiguous

 - Male / female

 - For any audience segments

 - Metadata ratings

 - Ratings of the relevance

 Content info:

 - Statistics on the object

 - Distribution of ratings

 - Gender preferences

 - Age audience

 - Similarity to other objects

 - Assessment of the availability of content 

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