The exact time stamp of the start of the broadcast to the second, the update takes 15 minutes, thanks to our unique API.

As a rule, TV broadcasting does not coincide with the start time of TV programs announced by TV channels and requires additional adjustments as they are broadcast. When you enter the Catch Up service, the role of the correct program is increased. We offer an EPG adjustment for Catch Up that will fix the following issues:

1. The need to "rewind" the time code to find the beginning of the selected transfer (the most common inconvenience).

2. The absence of the ether stated in the guide content.

3. Technical problems of the ether (lack of signal, video marriage, sound), not allowing the subscriber to view the selected content.

After adjusting the EPG, the subscriber gets access to the content without additional efforts, which naturally increases the attractiveness of the service. This service is an additional opportunity to monetize a service or a package of TV channels.

An example of the displacement of essential grid:
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