A Advanced tariff from EPG Service

Advanced tariff from EPG Service

The most extended metadata included:
- Broadcast event ID
- Category (TV series, film, sports, talk shows, etc.)
- Season number/Series
- Production year
- Studio
- Country
- Directors
- Actors
- Age rate
- Trailers
- Photos and biographies
- Announcements with a brief description of the broadcast (Up to 120 characters)
- Announcements with a detailed description of the broadcast (121 to 250+characters)
- Announcements of the series (up to 120 characters)
- Illustrations to programs in PHD (1920: 1080) 3 formats: 2:3, 4:3, 16:9
- Changing the size of illustrations according to the customer's technical specifications
- Codes and ratings " IMBD".
- Cash fees, film awards, etc.
- Topics/Tags

In addition, we can do images per episode, timestamps for catch up, VOD mapping, and feeling, end-to-end content identification, premiere.

We work with all types of platform software and prepare the exchange files in most popular formats: xmltv, JTV, .cms, etc.

Timely corrections before and after broadcasts and refreshing the data frequently (up to 5 times a day for some channels).

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