E EPG Service for IPTV/OTT

The Internet environment is rich in opportunities, including for improving IPTV and OTT services. The introduction of advanced TV guide functionality does not create unnecessary difficulties but increases the volume of video content consumption. It makes affect the growth of ARPU and additional revenue.

With an expanded EPG and maximum capabilities, you can influence the subscriber base, customer loyalty, the programming policy of the content providers, and successfully monetize additional services.

EPG service implementation statistics (TV guide):

- Subscriber's loyalty increases by 30-40%,
- Reduced outflow by 15-20%,
- ARPU grows by 5-15%.

A convenient search and recommendation system based on extended EPG metadata makes the service more attractive to the viewer. It becomes possible to create additional paid packages of video content, implement precisely targeted advertising, and increase your competitiveness.

There are maximum capabilities for OTT/IPTV with expanded EPG.

Maximum set of metadata: name, description in three variations, year, country, studio, ratings, fees, awards, genre, category, season, series, age rating, actors, directors, presenters with photos, trailer, and so on.

This data provides additional features for generating and installing:

- recommendation system;
- accurate timestamps for catch up;
- news feed of premiere;
- feeling and mapping of VOD content;

EPG displays full information and photos of actors/directors/TV presenters, trailers for movies/series/reality shows and their ratings on the user's screen.

The provider can collect the most accurate statistics on TV viewing.

We highly recommend the "Advanced" and "Illustrated" tariffs for IPTV and OTT platforms. They are also ideal for websites and mobile apps.

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