C Cross-border TV guide provider

EPG Serviсe is a cross-border supplier of a TV guide. It has a significant share of the EPG market in Eastern Europe (including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova), the Middle East, and South Caucasus. Partners and clients include companies in Central and Western Europe, North America, and the Middle East. The map of business cooperation is expanding.

The metadata of the EPG corresponds to all international standards. There are programs for the majority of cross-border TV channels. At the same time, each operator will be able to get a description of the content and a network of broadcasting ethnic or local TV channels in the language of their region.

For example, there was a task from the operator Orange Moldova. In this case, it was necessary to add metadata of local TV channels to the list of well-known TV brands. Also, it was necessary to develop an individual format for language content. The final product was provided in the following languages: Moldovan, Romanian, Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and others.

There are no reasonable tasks that do not have an adequate solution. And there are no borders for providing and receiving the best service at an adequate price.

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