A A common proposal by EPG Service and Vas Experts to improve the quality of IPTV

Improving the quality of IPTV

Due to the high demand for IPTV / OTT, SMART TV, the requirements for the quality of services are also increasing. It is important to provide the subscriber with easy-to-use and sufficient bandwidth, because delay-sensitive video services such as Internet TV suffer especially from a lack of bandwidth. It results in the “stuttering” of the video, in the distortion of picture quality, in the sound interruption.

In addition, the quality of content and the convenience of navigation play an important role: the subscribers have to understand how to orientate themselves in the huge number of paid digital TV channels. Otherwise, one gets the feeling that there are 200+ channels – and there is nothing to watch, and without a convenient TV guide, one can change channels endlessly, wasting time and getting annoyed, trying to remember what and where to watch.
Competition in the IP-television market is growing, and operators are forced to care for each user to stay afloat. At the same time, a market saturated with offers increases the customers’ demands and its choice.
A high-quality product creates a loyal subscriber who “votes with his wallet”. The subscriber will be willing to pay if he understands what he is paying for.

How to create a guaranteed quality IP television service?

A competitive service can be provided by the joint use of the VAS Experts DPI platform and the interactive EPG TV guide.
The VAS Experts DPI system installed on the network allows you to control the Quality of the Service provided to the end user.
QoS function makes it possible to set the priority for each type of traffic and give the largest bandwidth to IP-TV. Ensuring a uniform traffic flow at all stages (in a common channel, in subscriber traffic, etc) guarantees high quality video.

Having ensured a “basic” need for high quality, the broadband operator can comprehensively approach the issue of customer loyalty and connect additional interactive services that will make using IPTV even more comfortable and exciting.
The EPG service helps the subscriber navigate the IP television content, understand what channels he has, what he can watch, how to quickly find the desired movie or program. The subscriber easily controls the navigation of TV channels, quickly makes his choice and saves his time.
TV guide data can include basic information such as the name of the series and season, genres, ratings, information about directors, actors, a brief description of films and programs, as well as illustrations, trailers – all that makes the television viewing understandable, convenient and helps to keep the viewer at the screen and increase his loyalty to the provider company.

EPG (electronic program guide) is one of the main additional services the operator can provide, since the connection of additional Internet services and broadcasting is often based on the program guide.
The deferred viewing is an example of such connection. If you need to watch the last night program (Catch up TVservice) it is convenient to use a special version of EPG that shows exact time of program starting. The TV guide is also needed to remotely manage the recording of the program. If subscriber has missed the desired broadcast it is easy to watch it in the record.
Due to wide range of opportunities, we can implement both simple and convenient navigator and modern system of recommendations for the subscribers.

As a result, we get a proper quality product, faster connection without crashes and a convenient content navigator.
According to EPG statistics, after the integration of the service:
• subscriber loyalty increases by 30-40%,
• outflow is reduced by 15-20%,
• ARPU grows by 5-15%.
Thus, we lead to the integrated approach that make service of digital TV more efficient. The operator will stand out and rise above the competitors, save and multiply the base of loyal subscribers.

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